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Nivo Technology Inc. is a leading company in designing, manufacturing infrared (IR) and laser optical components and blanks: windows, spherical lenses, prisms, mirrors, filters, etc.  Materials include:

             Germanium        CaF2
             ZnSe                   BaF2
             ZnS                    MgF2
             Silicon                YAG|


We are also a leading manufacturer in thin film coating evaporation materials.  We make a full line of optical coating chemicals from UV to IR.  Products include:

             MgF2                 YF3                    BaF2
             YbF3                  PrF3                   LaF3
             SiO2                   SiO                     TiO2
             HfO2                  ZrO2                  ITO
             Ti3O5                 Sc2O3                Y2O3
             ZnS                    ITO                    more….





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Nivo Technology Inc.

ZnSe windows